Hi, I'm Sergio

I'm a Computer Science graduate from CSUN working as a Software Dev Engineer at Amazon. See my personal and team-based programming projects down below!

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Project Management System

React.js, Node.js (Express), SQL, MySQL

React.js web-based application that manages employee assignments and tracks their progress by allowing users to add, view, update and delete employee records, and search by employee name, ID, position, or task. User data is stored in a MySQL database.

MAJESTiC Event Entertainment

React.js, Vite, TypeScript, EmailJS

Created a website for a multi-service company showcasing their products and services such as photobooth, dj, and photography, along with a contact form for clients to send inquiries to the company owner.

Advisement Login Portal

React.js, Firebase (user athentication)

Created a web application for my university's CADV advisement department that enables students to submit a form with their information such as their name, student ID, and reason for advisement. Only authorized admins can log in to the website and view the data.

Budgeting App

React (Web), React Native (Mobile)

Developed a cross platform budgeting application as part of a group in my senior design class. The app enables users to set a budget for the month and track their expenses by adding and deleting transactions. The app has a web and mobile version, and their data is stored in a database for future querying. I worked on the mobile UI and connecting the web version to the database.

Hike Tracker

React.js, Firebase (user athentication), Geolocation API

Developed a web-based application that allows users to track and log the number of locations they have visited by logging in with their Google email account, and also providing a public chat feature for users to communicate with each other.

Mp3 File Tagger

Python, PyQt5, Spotify API

Developed a python desktop application that leveraged the Spotify API to tag MP3 files with their release year and explicit content status, providing DJs with an efficient way to organize their music library.

Solar Escape

Unity, C#

Developed and designed a 2D endless runner video game featuring multiple levels, personal high score tracking functionality and is available as a Windows 64-bit installer.

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California State University, Northridge

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